Picking out the Best Apples

Many times, when shopping for what we want to buy we are HOPING that what we’re getting is up to OUR standards of taste and nutrition. That however is a challenge sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great if, for instance, that every time we bought apples, they were always juicy and sweet or tart and green? Here are some tricks to accomplishing this.  

In 1969 I was in the San Diego area with no money to get back to Los Angeles. I went to a health food store in Pacific Beach and asked the manager if there was anything I could do to make a few dollars so I could get back to L.A. He realized that I was asking for a day job and kindly agreed to help. He walked over to the Asian produce man who was setting up the produce section and politely asked him if it was ok that I helped him. He smiled and said ok. So, I began by handing him produce items such as lettuce, tomatoes, vegetables and fruits etc., so he could place them in a beautiful arrangement in the section. A few hours later we took a break and he offered me some apples. I took the apple and pressed very hard on it to make sure it wasn’t mealy. He grabbed my hand and said that was not the way to make sure the apple was crisp and juicy. He then asked if he could show me how to pick out the best apples every time. Of course, I said yeah. He said, “can you hear pitch and tone” as in music? I said “I think so” a little nervous that I was claiming that I could but wasn’t really sure I was good at it. He put the apple that I was holding back in the apple bin. Then he took his thumb and index finger and started clicking the apples with the fingernail on his index finger. He asked me if I could hear the tone. And after a few clicks on 3 or 4 apples I could hear the difference in the tones. Then the “magic” happened. He said, “the higher the tone, the crisper the apple.”So, I clicked many apples, and chose the one that sounded with the highest pitch. Wow was that apple crisp! He then said, “you now have accomplished two things.” I was a little confused because I thought I had only accomplished one thing.  His first point I already knew which was how to pick a really crisp apple. His second point I had not considered. He said now you have learned how to not ruin all the other apples.  If you press on apples too hard, they develop bad spots and become unsellable.  No one wants a bruised apple!

Since that wonderful lesson I have not chosen a mealy apple and have had the good fortune of sharing this information with hundreds of other people.  Most can’t believe that it works most every time.

Moral of the story… you never know when asking for “help” that the result would lead to the knowledge of eating what you were hoping to get throughout your lifetime… better high quality foods that YOU CHOSE yourself.

More wonderful tricks coming soon!

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