Oliflix Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About Oliflix

Flix is a municipality located in the southwest corner of Catalonia, Spain, and is home to Oliflix, a delicate, artisan crafted, organic, extra virgin olive oil made from ancient orchards, using old-world techniques. Their oil is extracted exclusively from organically grown olives, free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or environmental pollutants. This oil boasts a very high polyphenol content without the associated bitter taste. Extreme care is taken at every step to deliver a smooth tasting, high quality, organic, extra virgin olive oil.

Oliflix is made the traditional way using granite stone mills, hydraulic presses, gravity separated, paper filtered, sediment racked, and purged. Originating in Catalonia, Spain, a location famous for producing the best olive oil in the world.

This award-winning, artisan-crafted extra virgin olive oil is made from a blend of Organic Arbequina and Empletre olives for a delicate taste with sensations of almond, leaf, and golden apple.

  • Organically grown - traditionally extracted, Non-GMO
  • Certified Extra Virgin – the highest quality and freshness
  • First (only) Cold Pressing - Extracted at well below 29C/85F
  • Tested for heavy metals and 100's of other toxic contaminants.
  • Low acidity and high in polyphenols w/ naturally occurring Vitamin E
  • Crafted by Old World Artisan Master, Antonio Rey Solé

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Why Oliflix?

Since most olive oils use similar extraction methods, most experts agree that the single most significant difference in quality is derived from how the olives are grown & harvested. While we agree and focus particular attention on the trees and the harvest, we also feel a lot to be gained by reverting to traditional extraction techniques.

Located adjacent to nature and wildlife preserve, Antonio Rey Solé inherited his centuries-old olive orchard from his ancestors. Like his forefathers, he has never used a pesticide or fertilizer, nor does he even water his orchards. Instead, he believes the natural stresses associated with rain and drought improve the health of his trees and the quality of his olives.

Earthworms and Castings

Indeed, he must be onto something because you cannot help but notice the incredible number of earthworm castings, blanketing every square meter underfoot. Not only are the castings indicative of a thriving earthworm population in the soil, but of themselves are highly prized as a plant super-food. Castings also aid the moisture retention of the soil and delivery to the plants and curbing root diseases and inhibiting insect pests.

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Hand-Picked Daily

Harvest begins in the early winter around November. Every day the workers pick the trees by hand and deliver the olives fresh to the mill that evening. Because they never touch the dirt, the olives are not washed before or after separating the miscellaneous stems and leaves. An unnecessary step that can adversely affect the quality and taste.

He doesn’t stop there! Instead of using modern self-contained stainless steel grinders, malaxers, and centrifugal decanters, Antonio processes his oil the old-fashioned way.

Granite Stone Mill

With winter warehouse temperatures hovering around 15º Celsius/59º Fahrenheit, the olives are first ground into a paste using giant granite stone mills, minimizing the malaxing time. Malaxing is a mechanical mixing or stirring process that allows the micro-droplets of oil in the paste to coalesce into more significant drops that are more easily extracted. Next, the malaxed paste is spread onto round woven hemp mats stacked in successive layers about five feet high.

Granite mill
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First Cold-Pressed

At this point, the weight of each layer is already causing the olive juice and oils to flow into collectors. These stacks are carted to the giant hydraulic presses that slowly squeeze out almost all the juice and over 80% of the oils from the paste. Some of the resulting dry pomaces are burned as fuel, but most are broken up and sold to other processors for lower-quality oil products.

The oil is then gravity separated from the juice and residual paste using several successive tanks. Next, the waste juices are recycled by sprinkling them back onto the orchard grounds. After a seven-stage paper filtration, the oil is stored in giant underground ceramic tanks to gravity decant – essentially separating the sediment in a procedure known as racking. Finally, the oil is pumped into stainless steel containers and purged (another sediment-reducing step). Samples are then sent out for testing just before bottling and shipping.

Oliflix is one of the few remaining companies worldwide using this “old world” production method. The result is “one of the best olive oils in the world,” according to the NYIOOC 2019 (New York International Olive Oil Competition).

Mr. Antonio Rey Solé believes this is the ONLY way to make a truly unique and high-quality olive oil. At Rawesome Foods, we couldn’t agree more. Oliflix is a delicate blend of Arbequina and Empletre olives with sensations of almond, leaf, and golden apple.

Antonio does not regularly enter competitions, but he usually walks away with a gold or silver award.

One of the Most Delicious Olive Oils You’ll Ever Experience

Use olive oil often? The Larger 5L size is perfect for Vegans, Vegetarians, or those on a Keto diet, Paleo diet, or those following Dr. Gundry's Mediterranean diet and consuming 1/4 cup everyday. Plus, the 5 Liter jug means serious savings!


Why Oliflix?

  • Single Source Origin
  • No pesticides, No heavy metals, No toxins
  • Certified Organic by the strictest European Standards
  • Certified Extra Virgin by the International Olive Council (IOC)
  • Certified Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Laboratory
  • Silver Award-Winning taste according to (NYIOOC) New York International Olive Oil Competition in May 2019

Oliflix Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most delicious olive oils you will ever experience.