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Picking out the Best Apples

By James Stewart / September 30, 2019

Many times, when shopping for what we want to buy we are HOPING that what we’re getting is up to OUR standards of taste and nutrition. That however is a challenge sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great if, for instance, that every time we bought apples, they were always juicy and sweet or tart and green?…

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9 Amazing Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By James Stewart / July 15, 2019

Most people know that extra virgin olive oil is good for you but do you know why? In ancient times olive oil was considered as valuable as gold and even though people may not value it this way today, it still is one of the most valuable foods. One of the reasons the Mediterranean diet…

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My Trip to Spain

By James Stewart / March 25, 2019

This was a trip of a lifetime for me. For 12 years, I’ve wanted to go to Spain and meet Antonio Rey Solé and see his Oliflix olive oil operation. So, I planned my trip for the first two weeks of December — to coincide with the olive harvest, which occurs annually between November and…

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